Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Penn. Mayor Vows To Take Immigration Fight To Supreme Court

The mayor of Hazelton, Pennsylvania has vowed to take the striking down of his crackdown on illegal immigrants to the Supreme Court.  In 2006, Hazelton Pennsylvania passed an ordinance that assessed fines against landlords who rented to illegal immigrants, denied business permits to companies that gave jobs to illegal immigrants and required prospective tenants to register with the city and pay for a permit to rent in the city.  Last month, the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia struck down the ordinance because it usurped the federal government's exclusive power to regulate immigration.  Appeals courts are split over whether a state or a municipality have the right to enforce laws dealing with immigration.  The United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear oral arguments over a 2007 Arizona law that prohibits employers from knowingly hiring illegal aliens.  Following the passing of the Hazelton Pennsylvania ordinance in 2006, dozens of towns throughout the country enacting similar measures.  

We have been reporting consistently on efforts to deport legal aliens who have been convicted of criminal offenses.  We will continue to report on the evolving issue of legal and illegal immigration and the impact it is having on our criminal courts and our clients facing criminal prosecution and possible deportation.

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