Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Elgin Actively Helping ICE Find Illegal Immigrants

Elgin has made it clear that it wants to help U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents track down illegal aliens involved in criminal activity.  Last week the Elgin Police Department announced that they have become the first local police agency in the area to have one of its officers join a federal task force that tracks down foreign born gang members with questionable residency status.  This move is being done to strengthen Elgin's relationship with ICE.  Currently, all foreign born people arrested in Elgin have their identities checked through the Immigration Alien Query database to verify their immigration status.  ICE has a contract with the City of Elgin to house ICE detainees for up to 72 hours in Elgin jails.  This gives ICE an opportunity to investigate the immigration status of people arrested and place a detainer on them.  The officer joining the federal task force will help track down people released by mistake before ICE was able to place a detainer on them.  Back in June, Elgin Police announced that two detectives had been assigned to the Regional Document and Benefit Task Force which tracks down people who create fake and fraudulent documents.  ICE reports that they have arrested over 280 gang members in the region so far this year, and over 4,000 nationally.  ICE credits the cooperative efforts of local police agencies for the arrests.

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