Monday, October 11, 2010

Arab Student Finds FBI GPS Device Under Car

Yasir Afifi took his car to the mechanic to have some repair work done.  As the car was lifted up, the mechanics saw a round tube with an antenna under the vehicle.  At first, Afifi thought someone had placed a bomb under his car.  However, it turned out that someone had placed a GPS tracking device under the 20 year olds car.  Afifi put pictures of what had been found on his Facebook account and thought about putting it on Craigslist to sell.  It was wasn't too long before he noticed a couple of "sneaky" people hanging out around his apartment.  Afifi got into his vehicle and drove off.  He was pulled over by 2 FBI agents who demanded that he give them back the GPS device.  He was warned that if he did not cooperate,  his life would be made much more difficult.  Afifi eventually around the FBI to retrieve the device.  He reports that the agent who retrieved the device congratulated him on his new job an mentioned the names of his favorite restaurants.

It's not known if the FBI had a warrant to place the GPS device on his car but we have reported that recently, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the FBI does not need to obtain a warrant prior to placing a GPS device on someone's vehicle.

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