Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Case Against Top DUI Cop Reinstated

The Illinois Court of Appeals reinstated criminal charges which had previously been dismissed against John Haleas, the Chicago police officer once recognized as racking up the most arrests for DUI's in the entire state.  We originally reported about the discrepencies uncovered in Chicago police officer Haleas's DUI arrests on February 23, 2009.  Criminal charges of Official Misconduct, Perjury and Obstruction of Justice were eventually filed against Haleas.  On November 14, 2009 we reported that Cook County Judge James Obbish dismissed the indictment after finding that Cook County prosecutors improperly used a statement Haleas had given as part of an internal investigation.  The prosecutors appealed the dismissal of the indictment and the Court of Appeals found that Judge Obbish was correct when he tossed the internal affairs statement but erred by dismissing the indictment without holding further hearings.

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