Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chicago Police Ramping Up Mobile Strike Teams

The Chicago Police Department is drastically increasing it's Mobile Strike Teams.  Police officials are noticing a drastic drop in murders in districts and neighborhoods where Mobile Strike Teams have been deployed.  Last month, no one was killed in the five police districts where mobile strike teams were deployed.  Over the last three years, murders were down more than 98 percent in districts on the days that mobile strike teams were deployed.  Police officials now believe that these Mobile Strike Teams are a big reason that the crime rate in Chicago dropped 4.5 percent through September of this year.  The Mobile Strike Force was started in 1998 to deploy the same tactics used against insurgents in Iraq.  There are currently four companies of Strike Force officers consisting of 48 officers, six sergeants and a lieutenant.  They all work during the evening.  One of these companies was supposed to be temporary but will now become permanent and will be used during the daytime.  This means that over 100 officers will move permanently to the Mobile Strike Force.  The officers will be taken from beat cars.  The beat cars are already experiencing a shortage of officers.  The Mobile Strike Force focuses on high crime areas, such as the Harrison and Englewood districts.  When a district commander finds out that a problem is brewing, they will contact the Mobile Strike Force and officers will be sent to quickly respond.  Apparently, gang leaders are already taking notice.  Police state that gang leaders have been heard talking about the Mobile Strike Force and have instructed their members to not sell drugs when they see the Mobile Strike Force officers in their neighborhoods.

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