Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kane County Ordered To Keep Courts Open

Last month, Kane County Circuit Court Clerk Deb Seyller, filed a lawsuit against Kane County in a dispute over providing additional funds to keep the Clerk's office open.  The Clerk's office was $500,000 short in its budget.  Seyller had requested that the county provide the additional funds but the county told Seyller to use other funds available in the Clerk's budget to pay for the general purposes of the office.  Seyller claimed that the funds could not be used legally for general purposes, such as paying salaries.  Kane County Judge Stephen Sullivan listed to over 6 hours of testimony and agreed with the county.  He ordered Seyller to use the special funds in her budget to continue operations for the remainder of the fiscal year which ends on November 30.  Seyller was pleased because she now has the legal authority to use the funds to continue operations and the Kane County Board is pleased with the judge's affirmation of the budget making authority.

Seyller's office was out of money six weeks before the end of the fiscal year.  The Judge's ruling averts what may have been a shutdown of the entire Kane County court system.

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