Thursday, September 16, 2010

McHenry County Spending More Money On Special Prosecutors

The McHenry County Board has approved spending another $100,000 for special prosecutors and consultants.  It is thought that the majority of this money relates to the investigation and the prosecution of McHenry County State's Attorney Louis Bianchi.  Bianchi was indicted by a grand jury earlier this week for using county resources to do campaign work.  When the investigation of Bianchi started, it was estimated that it would cost about $100,000.  Up until now, special prosecutors and consultants have submitted $74,306 in invoices.  There's another invoice for $34,321 for work performed from September of 2009 to February of this year.  The additional money that has been appropriated will cover future additional expenses and any unforeseen costs and expenses. 
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MartinH said...

Wow that’s quite a lot of money. I suppose it the price we all have to pay for the actions of an unscrupulous minority. If you live in the UK and you have suffered an injury as a result of someone else’s actions visit us today and see if and how much you could claim.

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