Thursday, September 16, 2010

Elk Grove To Remove 2 Red Light Cameras

Elk Grove Village has announced that January 1, 2011, they will be deactivate 2 red light cameras, with the ultimate goal of removing all red light cameras in their Village.  The cameras are located at the intersection of Busse Road and Devon Avenue.  The removal will be in effect for one year and crash trends will be monitored very six months to determine whether the removal should be made permanent.  Similar studies will be performed on the other five intersections that have red light cameras.  Elk Grove is moving towards removing red light cameras because they believe that they have served their purpose.  The number of accidents have decreased at the intersections at which red light cameras have been installed.  Before cameras were installed at Busse and Devon, 31 accidents were reported.  The following year, 2009, 21 accidents were reported and in the first 6 months of 2010, only 8 accidents have been reported.  The Village asserts that the main purpose behind the installation of the red light cameras was safety and not revenue.  Since the statistics show that people are driving more safely at these intersections, the Village is choosing to remove them rather than put more of a financial burden on the public.  There has also been a 29% decrease in the number of red light tickets issued.  About 4 out of 10 red light violations captured by the cameras that are forwarded to Elk Grove Village police do not result in tickets.  That's because the company goes by the letter of the law whereas the Village looks at whether a police officer would issue a ticket if he was there at the time of the alleged violation.  Elk Grove Village is tracking all the other intersections to determine whether cameras should be removed.

Elk Grove Village should be congratulated for doing the right thing all around.  It is clear that Elk Grove Village has the good of the public in mind and should be commended for acting admirably.  You have to give our government credit when they do something right.

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