Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gun Prosecution Has Advocates Up In Arms

Paul Copeland, a 56 year old Vietnam veteran has been sentenced to prison time for selling a gun to an illegal alien.  However, the "middle-man" who bought the gun for the illegal alien, who was an illegal alien himself, was never arrested, prosecuted or deported.  Copeland is charged with selling the gun to illegal alien, Hipolito Alives, at the Texas Gun Show in Austin Texas in January.  Copeland states that Aviles presented him with a valid driver's license and had no idea that he was selling the gun to an illegal alien.  However, the man who handed Copeland the money, was Leonel Huerta Sr., who presented a valid Texas driver's license which he had obtained prior to his visa expiring in 2007.  Huerta admits that he showed Copeland his driver's license so he could obtain the gun and handed it to Aviles as he was leaving the building.  However, agents for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) testified that Copeland should have known that Huerta was buying the gun for Aviles.  The agents testified that the purchased occurred in such a way that Copeland knew what was happening.  What is causing controversy in the case is that Huerta, the "middle-man" who bought the gun for Aviles suffered no legal consequences even though he was an illegal alien himself.  He is believed to still be living in the United States illegally.  

The prosecutor claims that Aviles was not prosecuted because he was a witness.  However, it is somewhat troubling that a U.S. citizen was prosecuted and sent to prison while the illegal alien was given complete amnesty.    It doesn't seem to make sense.

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