Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kane County May Be Moving Away From Red Light Cameras

The movement away from using red light cameras seems to be spreading to Kane County.  On Monday, Kane County's Transportation Committee unanimously approved rule changes that state that red light cameras are a temporary solution and that red light cameras shall expire after three years.  The rules also state that the ultimate solution for accident prone intersections is to improve engineering, attention to the use of signs, light timing and other measures.  Kane County already reviews all red light camera locations annually.  This annual review will continue under the measure approved on Monday.  What is especially exciting about this measure is that regardless of what happens at a given intersection, no camera could exist at any intersection for more than three years.  Another exciting part of these measures is that citations issued for making right turns at a red light would mostly be banned with a couple of strict exceptions.  First, there must be documented accidents involving cars or pedestrians at that particular intersection, and the problem must first be attempted to be solved by placing a "No Right Turn On Left" sign.  If the sign doesn't work, then citations for right turns on red can be issued.  

The full Kane County Board must now take up the measure and only if they pass it will it go into effect.  However, the Chairman has indicated that she strongly supports the measure.

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