Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kane County Cracking Down On DUI Offenders

Kane County is making life more difficult for defendants convicted of Driving Under the Influence.  A new Kane County program is requiring that DUI offenders be tested up to eight times during a holiday season to make sure that they are staying away from alcohol, as required by their court sentence.  This new program was unveiled during the Labor Day weekend.  It's called The Holiday Alcohol Testing program.  The goal of the program is to discourage drivers from drinking alcohol during the time that they are most likely to consume alcohol, a holiday weekend.  The program was announced by John Barsanti, the Kane County State's Attorney.  Fifteen DUI offenders passed the test, one DUI offender failed one of the tests and another failed to show up for all of the tests.  The test takes about two minutes and costs $4 per DUI offender.  Prosecutors will seek to file Petitions To Revoke their Sentences for failing and not showing up for their tests.  Kane County is planning on continuing with the program during all the upcoming holiday weekends, including sports related weekends, like the Super Bowl and the final weekend of the NCAA men's basketball tournament.    

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