Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lombard Removes Red Light Cameras - Dissatisified Customer

In a slap to the face of RedSpeed Illinois, the Village of Lombard is terminating its red light camera contract with RedSpeedRedSpeed has its headquarters in Lombard.  The Village will inform RedSpeed of their decision and RedSpeed will have 60 days to remove the underground sensors that determine whether drivers stopped before the white line.  It looks like Lombard is removing their red light camera because they are not satisfied with the results.  Even though the village insisted that revenue was not the driving force behind their decision to install the red light camera, Lombard has not made much money off of the camera.  Like Elk Grove, Lombard police refuse to issue tickets unless the driver blatantly failed to stop.  And the safety benefits of the red light camera are unclear.  After cameras were installed in May of 2009, the number of traffic accidents decreased 31 percent.  But at another intersection accidents actually increased.  Lombard
trustees have come to the conclusion that they are better off without cameras in their village.

This movement towards removing these red light cameras is a relatively new development.  Last year Schaumburg removed their red light camera because they feared that it would adversely affect shoppers coming to their Village to shop at Woodfield MallElk Grove is moving towards getting rid of all their cameras because they feel that they are serving their purpose and now Lombard is removing their cameras because they simply are not working.  The common underlying sentiment is that voters clearly dislike red light cameras in their communities.  Our elected public officials are starting to sense the public's dislike and are responding by removing cameras for a variety of reasons.  We need to continue to make sure that our voices get heard.

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