Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stevens Talking Retirement

The second oldest and fourth longest serving Supreme Court Justice in U.S. history is considering retiring.  Justice John Paul Stevens, who will turn 90 years old in April, is talking about retiring from the Supreme Court.  We have previously reported about rumors surrounding his possible retirement.  But for the first time, Stevens is talking about retirement himself.  Stevens gave an interview with the New Yorker Magazine in which he confirmed that he will definitely retire within the next three years.  He also indicated that in the next month, he will decide whether the upcoming term will be his last.  Justice Stevens has indicated that he greatly admires President Obama.  The fact that Stevens is a former Chicagoan adds to his admiration of President Obama.  A Stevens retirement would give President Obama another opportunity to make an appointment to the Supreme Court.

Justice Stevens was nominated to the Supreme Court by Republican President Gerald Ford in 1975.  He is currently considered to be the most progressive justice on the high court.  The fact that he was named to the court by a Republican president and is now considered the most liberal justice on the high court says something about how far to the right the court has moved.  

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