Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kane County To Consider Getting Rid Of Red Light Cameras

In the coming weeks, the Kane County Board will be hosting public hearings to consider stopping the use of red light cameras in Kane County.  Only four towns in Kane County have installed red light cameras.  Red light cameras are installed in Elgin, South Elgin, Geneva and St. Charles.  The Board will be considering whether red light cameras have really made intersections safer as was the intent when they were first installed in Kane County 2 years ago.   Kane County already has a process in place when a request is made to install red light cameras at a particular intersection to determine whether installing them at that particular intersection would reduce the number of accidents.  Kane County officials have already denied at least 6 requests for red light cameras.  Apparently, the Kane County Board has decided that the time has come to consider whether red light cameras actually add to the public safety.  The decision by the Kane County Board is pointing to a rising public backlash against the use of red light cameras.  The Village of Schaumburg barred the use of red light cameras in their town and last week the Illinois Senate approved a bill that would place some small limits on the use of red light cameras.

The Kane County Board has not yet scheduled hearings.  The number of hearings will depend on the pubic interest and response.

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