Friday, March 26, 2010

Cicero Trustees Will Be Allowed To Write Parking Tickets

Starting April 2, 2010, the elected Trustees for the Town of Cicero, will be allowed to write parking tickets.  In what may be the first of its kind action, the town has give this power to the seven elected Trustees.  Before doing so, they will be required to take a short class in the Town Hall to learn how to write tickets.  About 110,000 people live in Cicero.  There are about 70,000 vehicles registered in Cicero.  The town is well known for having serious parking problems.  Under state law, village officials are allowed to take on additional functions so long as they do not receive additional compensation.  The Trustees will not be paid anything extra for writing the tickets.  But along with it's notorious parking problems, Cicero is also notorious for its corruption.  Former town president, Betty-Loren Maltese, was convicted of stealing $12 million dollars from the town.  About a year ago there was a controversy surrounding the towing of cars on streets where street cleaning was occurring.  It turns out that the towing company that was towing the vehicles was owned by the father of the town's attorney.  After this came to light, the town started issuing $50 tickets rather than towing the vehicles of first time offenders.  The possibility of something inappropriate occurring is certainly a possibility in Cicero.

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