Friday, March 26, 2010

Minor Limits On Red Light Cameras Approved By State Senate

On March 12, 2010 we informed our readers that a compromise was struck in Springfield that would only impose minor limits on the use of red light cameras.  Yesterday, in a 45 to 10 vote, the Illinois Senate approved the bill, sending it to the Illinois House for final approval.  The limits placed on red light cameras by this bill are very minor.  The legislation allows drivers to stop a little beyond the stop line so long as pedestrians were not present.  The legislation would require towns to list on the internet where the cameras have been installed and prohibit the imposition of additional fees for appealing a ticket issued by a camera.  Cops or trained technicians must review the tickets before they are issued, the yellow lights at intersections must correspond to federal guidelines and motorists must be given an opportunity to view a video of their violations online.  As we stated in our March 12, 2010 article, the compromise legislation was crafted after a lengthy closed door meeting between legislators and lobbyists from the red light camera providers.  This legislation falls far short of the changes sought by supporters of real reform.

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