Monday, March 15, 2010

Legal Defenders Featured In Sun-Times Article

The Chicago Sun-Times published an article today that featured extensive quotes from James G. Dimeas, of Legal Defenders, P.C.  The article's title is "Traffic Victims Need To Step Up" by Mary Wisniewski.  Mary noticed that traffic tickets were being routinely dismissed in Traffic Court in Chicago because accident victims were not appearing in court.  She compared those cases to a recent case in which the persistence of an accident victim lead to the prosecution and subsequent conviction of a careless driver.  I explained to the author that the court system in Cook County is simply too large to force all the victims and witnesses to traffic tickets to appear in court.  In smaller counties, prosecutors can subpoena witnesses and judges can enforce the subpoenas when the witnesses don't appear.  But in Cook County, roughly 5,000 traffic tickets a day make it impossible to subpoena all the witnesses and enforce subpoenas.  Plus, many people simply cannot afford to take time off of work to appear in traffic court as a witness in today's troubled economy.

To read the article, click here.

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