Sunday, February 21, 2010

Red Light Camera Firms Hiring Lobbyists - Getting Ready For Fight

This morning, the Daily Herald published a front page article discussing how the two main red light camera providers in the area, are getting ready for a fight brewing in Springfield over the use of red light cameras.  On February 10, 2010, we published a post about legislation that has been proposed in Springfield that would seriously curtail the use of red light cameras.  Apparently, RedSpeed and Redflex are getting concerned that the growing public outrage about the use of their red light cameras could seriously impact their earnings.  RedSpeed, the main red light camera company for the Northwest suburbs just added a fourth lobbying firm.  Three of the four lobbying firms working for RedSpeed are headed by former state lawmakers.  The article in the Daily Herald details meetings between one of the heads of the lobbying firm with current state lawmakers.  The article details breakfasts and lunch meetings with state lawmakers and email updates that are putting pressure on current state lawmakers to oppose legislation that would curtail the use of red light cameras.  Redflex, the only red light company for Chicago, recently went from one lobbying firm to three.  One of the lobbying firms they hired includes the election attorney for the Democratic Party and top aides to ex-Senate President Emil Jones, Jr and House Republican Leader Tom Cross.  Redflex is clearly trying to cover all their bases.  The article also goes on to list monetary contributions to state lawmakers from the camera firms since this summer.

For the full article, click here.

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