Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hoffman Estates About To Join Red Light Camera Parade

The Village of Hoffman Estates is the latest local town to make it known that they want to install red light cameras at some of their intersections.  On Monday the Police Chief discussed a proposed contract with a red light camera company at a Village Board Committee meeting.  The cameras will be installed at five intersections:  Higgins and Barrington roads, Higgins and Roselle roads, Golf and Barrington roads, Golf and Bartlett roads and Golf and Sutton roads.  Prior to tickets being mailed out, an employee of the police department would review the violations.  The fine will be $100 and can be paid online.  After 90 days, an unpaid fine would increase to $200.  The full Village Board could vote on this measure by next month.  It could take up to 100 days to get the ok from the Illinois Department of Transportation.  There are no plans to use the red light cameras for right turns on red, but there are preliminary discussions about installing them at northbound Roselle Road turning east on Higgins Road and the other is westbound Higgins Road turning north on Barrington Road from the inside lane.  The Village estimates that each intersection could bring in $356,000 in revenue.  The net profit to the Village would be $312,300 per intersection.  And plans are already being made to spend the revenue.  20% of the revenue will go to the police department and 80% would go to the capital improvement fund.

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