Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Proposed Legislation Affecting Red Light Cameras

In response to the public complaints regarding red light cameras, Illinois legislators are proposing legislation that seeks to address these complaints.  Illinois State Senator John Millner, a Carol Stream Republican and former police chief has proposed legislation that would require that red light cameras be painted yellow and signs would be clearly posted that would remind drivers that they must stop at a red light.  In addition, the legislation would require that police officers review violations before tickets are mailed out.  However, this legislation does not address the numerous stories published in the past year about these red light cameras.  Most of the $100 tickets issued were because of people turning right on a red light.  Most experts consider this maneuver to be much less dangerous than driving straight through on a red light.  In addition many cameras were found to have been set up at intersections that had a history of  very few accidents.  And at many intersections in which red light cameras were placed, accidents actually increased.

On the other end of the spectrum, State Senator Dan Duffy, a Barrington Republican, is putting together legislation that would bar local police agencies of their ability to use red light cameras.  Under his proposal, red light cameras could only be used at rail crossings and at construction zones.

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