Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ex-Niles Cop Charged With Stealing From Dead Man's Room

An ex-Niles police officer has been accused of stealing about $1,700 from a dead man's YMCA room.  William Christie surrendered to police today and appeared at the Skokie Courthouse for a bond hearing.  He is charged with theft and official misconduct.  In November of 2009, Christie responded to a call of a man found dead in a YMCA.  Christie sealed off the room and informed personnel at the YMCA that they could not enter the room.  Over the next few days he entered the room numerous times.  This made the YMCA personnel suspicious and they contacted the Niles police.  Apparently, the Niles police placed a camera in the room which showed Christie stealing cash and putting it in a cardboard box.  Bank records from Christie's credit union account show that on the day he was taped putting the money in a cardboard box he deposited about $500 in coins into his bank account.  Shortly after the man died, Christie contacted the victim's only survivor, his sister, and offered to clean out the room for her.  He ended up sending her $274 claiming that this amount represented all the money he recovered from the room.

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