Thursday, February 11, 2010

Photographs Proposed To Be Required With Parking Tickets

Chicago alderman Ginger Rugai, of the 19th Ward, has proposed a sweeping change to the way parking tickets are issued by requiring that parking tickets be accompanied by a photograph.  The proposed ordinance would require that a photograph be attached to every parking ticket issued.  If a photograph is not attached, it would be grounds for dismissal of the ticket.  This proposal would make it easier to challenge a ticket.  Currently, only about 12 percent of parking tickets end up being challenged.  Of the tickets challenged, about 56 percent of those end up going in favor of the motorist.  The thinking is that motorists are reluctant to challenge parking tickets because they don't have any evidence.  Photographs would provide motorists with evidence and make those issuing tickets think twice about whether they have proof of a violation.  Alderman Rugai says that she thought of this after she found out that parking attendants already take pictures 60% of the time they issue a parking ticket.  Her thought was that if they take pictures 60% of the time then why not 100% of the time?  Two years ago the City of Chicago purchased 140 hand-held devices that issue parking tickets and take pictures at the same time.

The City of Chicago issues roughly 2.7 million parking tickets a year.

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