Friday, February 6, 2009

Update on Medical Marijuana Measure

This week there was a slight setback in the effort to allow medical marijuana in the State of Illinois. Legislation is currently pending in the Illinois Legislature that would allow people suffering from certain debilitating diseases such as HIV, cancer and multiple sclerosis to legally possess up to two and a half ounces of marijuana or up to 12 marijuana plants. These people would register with the Illinois Department of Health and would receive an identification card which would exempt them from arrest and prosecution.

The effort to enact this measure in Illinois took an interesting turn when the Federal Drug Czar arrived for a surprise visit in front of a committee voting on the legislation. After this visit, the committee voted down the measure. For a thorough discussion of this event, click here.

This unexpected turn of events has dashed hopes for a quick passage of this legislation. However, proponents are now digging in to continue a fresh round of lobbying and effort to pass this much needed legislation.

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James G. Dimeas said...

The fight continues! The measure is actually poised for a vote before the House and the Senate, having passed committees in both branches. Please check out our April 20, 2009 post and get involved in helping to push through this needed legislation.

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