Monday, February 23, 2009

Top Chicago DUI Cop Accused of False Arrests

An internal police investigation has begun on Joe Parker, a renowned officer in the Chicago Police Department's Traffic Enforcement Unit. The Office of the Cook County State's Attorney has also begun a criminal investigation of Officer Parker. The State's Attorney's office has moved to dismiss dozens of DUI arrests made by Parker. The investigation of his DUI arrests began after video from Parker's squad car did not match what he claimed happened in his police report. In 2006, Officer Parker had the distinction of making 153 DUI arrests, the fourth highest among Chicago police officers for that year. The city of Chicago has already paid out $100,000 to a well known Chicago blues singer who claimed that Parker's false arrest of her in 2005 caused her multiple sclerosis to flare up. The City also paid out $5,000 to settle another claim against Parker. A federal lawsuit is currently pending against Parker for an arrest that happened on Lake Shore Drive in 2005. This is not the first time Parker has gotten public attention. In 2007 the Chicago Sun-Times featured him in an investigation involving the improper use of a disabled sign for his vehicle. Parker had been spotted using the disabled sign even though he had been cleared to work without restrictions. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Parker is still using the handicapped placard.

The DUI arrests of Chicago Police Officer Parker comes a year after another Chicago police officer, John Haleas, was charged with perjury, official misconduct and obstructing justice. In the Haleas case, prosecutors alleged that he also lied in his reports and failed to perform the field sobriety tests he had claimed he had performed in his reports. More than 50 DUI arrests made by Haleas were dropped as a result. Haleas had been honored numerous times as the cop with the most DUI arrests in Illinois. The case against Haleas is still pending in court.

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