Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Schaumburg Camera Going Down But Way More On The Way

Just when it looked like the Village of Schaumburg was going to be doing the right thing, they had to let us down. We have previously reported about the second thoughts the village was having about the red light camera at the intersection of Meacham and Woodfield roads. The Village Board finally agreed to take down the red light turn camera at the intersection. But at the same time, they announced plans to install 9 more red light cameras throughout the village. All of this occurred Tuesday night at a Village Board meeting. Many residents showed up to express their disagreement with the red light program. Some of the residents handed out pamphlets at the meeting and several vehicles were seen in the Village Hall parking lot with windshield signs critical of the red light cameras. The Village Trustees decided to take down the red light camera that would catch drivers who failed to come to a complete stop before turning right on the red light. 98 percent of the tickets issued had been for that right turn on red. The Trustees kept in place the cameras to catch drivers proceeding directly through the intersection on the red light. At the same time the Village Trustees announced that they had applied to the Illinois Department of Transportation to install cameras along 9 other state owned intersections throughout the village.

The buzz created by this story is a sign that people are starting to stand up and take notice of what is happening around them. People should expect that as the economy continues to falter and communities start searching for easy ways to generate revenue, red light cameras will become more common. Let's face it. It's an easy and efficient way for towns and villages to generate revenue. At the same time they can easily counter any criticism by claiming that they are trying to protect the public. This particular intersection generated approximately $1 million in fines. According to information we received from our first posting, the Village paid the camera company $129,000 up front to set up the camera. Out of the $100 received from each ticket, the Village was to keep $70 and the camera company was to get $30. So, assuming $1 million in fines were paid, Schaumburg would walk away with $571,000 and the camera company would make $429,000. And that's only after less than 3 months of tickets. These red light cameras are like cash station machines. With potential revenues like this, it's amazing that there's not more red light cameras out there.

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James G. Dimeas said...

We have heard that the Village of Schaumburg is planning on putting up several red light cameras. The rumor is that they are planning on putting cameras at Roselle and Higgins, Roselle and Golf Road and Barrington Road and Schaumburg Road. All of these intersections have very high traffic volumes. We'll keep you up to date on any developments when they come to our attention.

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