Monday, February 23, 2009

Federal Judge's Trial About to Start

The federal sex crime trial of U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent is about to start in Houston. The 59 year old judge is accused of fondling two female court employees as he tried to force himself on the women and tried to force them to perform sex acts. Throughout U.S. history, only a handful of federal judges have stood trial for criminal acts. Judge Kent spent nearly 19 years on the bench. In addition to the five federal sex charges, he is also facing one charge of obstruction of justice for lying to an investigative committee about the incidents. In May of 2007, Judge Kent's former case manager filed a complaint against Judge Kent accusing him of harassing her over a four year period, ending in May of 2007 when he pulled up her blouse and tried to force himself onto her until they were interrupted. In September of 2007 Kent was suspended by the judicial council for four months without pay and transferred him 50 miles away to Galveston Texas. In August of last year criminal charges were filed against Judge Kent. The charges also claimed that he lied to the judicial council about his relationship with the former case manager.

Judge Kent admits that he was involved in a longtime affair with the case manager and lied about the relationship in front of the judicial council so as to keep it secret. Judge Kent also plans to call several witnesses to show that he has been treated for erectile dysfunction since 1999 and plans to try to "dirty up" the alleged victim. Such a strategy can be dangerous for a defendant.

If convicted, Judge Kent faces a possible life sentence and a fine of up to $250,000. In addition, Judge Kent, appointed by President George H.W. Bush, would probably face impeachment by Congress if convicted and removed from the bench.

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