Monday, March 7, 2011

UPDATE: Student Sues FBI For Tracking Device

On October 11, 1010, we reported about the interesting case involving Yasir Afifi.  A mechanic changing the oil in his car found a device stuck with magnets between his rear wheel and exhaust.  Afifi and the mechanic did not know what this device was so he took photographs of the device and posted them on the internet hoping someone would identify what the device was.  Two days later, agents wearing bullet proof vests pulled him over as he was leaving his apartment, and demanded that he return their property.  It turns out that the FBI had placed a GPS tracking device on his vehicle.  Afifi is now suing the FBI claiming that his civil rights were violated when the FBI placed a GPS tracking device on his vehicle without a warrant.  Afifi travels frequently to the Middle East. has brothers who live in Egypt, and his father was a well known Arab community activist before he died last year.  U.S. courts are split over whether the FBI needs a warrant to put a GPS tracking device on someone's vehicle without a warrant.  Afifi's lawyers claim that one of the reasons for filing the lawsuit is to have the question of whether something like this can happen without a warrant can finally be resolved once and for all.

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