Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kane County Jail Overcrowding Leads To Early Release Efforts

Since July, at least a dozen inmates have been released early from the Kane County Jail in a deliberate effort to ease overcrowding.  Kane County's Jail, which cost nearly $56 million and opened just two years ago had 704 inmates even though it had been designed to hold 640 inmates.  The high number of inmates for 2010 was 708 inmates just a couple of weeks ago.  The Kane County State's Attorney does not believe that a spike in crime is behind the increase in the number of inmates but blames the spike on more defendants missing court and being arrested on outstanding warrants and more probation violations.  When the jail reaches a population of 680, a special bond call is set up and eligible inmates chosen by the probation department are brought before a judge who determines if they should be released from custody with special  bond restrictions.  Special bond calls have been held on July 2 and July 22.  17 inmates have been released as a result of those special bond calls.

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