Monday, August 9, 2010

Governor Signs Law Establishing Student Tip Line

Today, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill into law that establishes an anonymous hotline for students to call the police and tip them off on violence in the schools.  The hope is that the hotline will help break the code of silence among students that may help prevent shootings and fights that could lead to deaths.  Governor Quinn signed the bill in the troubled Roseland community in Chicago, which has been the scene of a few highly publicized school shootings.  Supporters of the bill point to a couple of incidents in Roseland in which students knew that a big fight was going to happen but did not tell anyone what was about to happen.  The hope is that this new hotline will make it harder for kids to try to protect gang members and their friends by tipping police ahead of time of upcoming violent events.  All calls will be answered by police officers and the calls will be recorded.  The anonymous tip lines are scheduled to be up and running by the beginning of the New Year.

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