Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chicago Police Continue To Try To Battle Perceptions

In yet another press conference, Chicago Police Superintendent, Jody Weis, discussed how the crime rate in Chicago has been dropping and how effective police efforts have been in reducing the crime rate in Chicago.  The perception among the public is that crime is rising and going out of control in Chicago.  This perception is fueled by attention grabbing headlines and news coverage of shootings and violent incidents in the city.  In a recent study, nearly half of Chicago residents stated that they believe that crime is on the rise in Chicago.  The Chicago police have been holding public press conferences discussing police successes trying to battle this perception.  The fact is that the crime rate has been steadily dropping during the past 20 years.  Weis has stated that he will be more proactive in trying to battle the misconception that crime is getting worse by holding more press conferences and getting the message that the crime rate has been on the decline.  

Much of this perception is a result of the changing technological news environment.  With 24 hour cable news channels and internet news services, stories that used to receive very little coverage get spotlighted and the public is given the impression that crime is out of control.  We have been reporting for a long time about the dropping crime rate in Chicago and how the number of arrests by the Chicago police been going down.  The crime reduction has even resulted in the shutting down of sections of the once overcrowded Cook County Jail.

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