Friday, April 23, 2010

Kane County Planning Another "No-Refusal" Weekend

Kane County State's Attorney John Barsanti has announced that Kane County has another "no-refusal" weekend in the works.  We have previously reported about Kane County's "no-refusal" programs.  During such a weekend, police set up checkpoints with prosecutors and a judge are on call to prepare search warrants for drunk drivers who refuse to consent to a breath test or provide blood evidence.  They also have a phlebotomist present to draw blood.  Most of the "no-refusal" weekends have been held during holiday weekends when more drivers are on the road.  Barsanti did not state when the next "no-refusal" weekend will occur.  During prior crackdowns, most drivers complied with requests to provide a breath test or blood evidence.  However, one driver refused to cooperated and was charged with contempt of court.  The case was dismissed by a judge when the court found that the charge was illegal.  In the next case the state charged that driver with Obstruction of Justice.  That case is still working its way through the Kane County court system.  

The program is controversial and the legality of it is still not resolved.

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