Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Antioch Considering Jumping On Red Light Camera Bandwagon

The Village of Antioch is the latest Illinois town that has indicated that it may be installing red light cameras.  Earlier this month the Village Board considered the matter and have decided that they will look into the matter.  The most likely intersections for red light cameras in the village would be along Route 173 at Savage Road, Deep Lake Road, and routes 83 and 59.  The mayor and the Trustees want to go slow with the decision so that the residents of Antioch do not think the move is being made for the sole purpose of raising money.  No decision was made at the meeting but the trustees agreed to further consider the red light cameras at future meetings.  The Village Board, the mayor and the police chief are going out of their way to convince the citizens that the move is being made for safety reasons.  The citizens of Antioch are urged to show up at future meetings armed with statistics which prove that red light cameras have very little effect in reducing the number of accidents.  In fact, there is data showing that accidents actually increased at some intersections in which red light cameras were installed.

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