Wednesday, April 28, 2010

American Fragmentation

I noticed today in the Drudge Report the following articles:

- Texas lawmaker wants Arizona's immigration law for state...
- California lawmaker: Deport children of illegal aliens...
- This is Alabama; we speak English,' candidate says. . .

Basically, Texas is on its way to becoming a police state like Arizona. In California, Congressman Duncun wants to deport newborns of illegal aliens. In Alabama, gubernatorial candidate Tim James would change the law to administer the drivers' license exam only in English. Such a law would have prevented my father from obtaining his Driver's license in the 60s since he only spoke Greek. Eventually, like most immigrants, he learned English.

Amazingly, more than 90 congressional representatives are in support of federal legislation to eliminate automatic citizenship for children born on US soil to illegal aliens. As a society, if we agree to take the civil liberties from one ethnic group, we open the door for any ethnic group to be persecuted in the future. Today "they" start with the Latinos; what group will be next in line? Remember when we placed Japanese Americans in concentration camps during WWII?

So how does this relate to criminal law? In order for these types of policies to take effect, laws will be written with criminal and civil penalties. More criminal laws? I wonder what a 10 year old would be legally required to do if they found out that they were illegally in the US? Would the kid be required to surrender? Would the kid be a fugitive for continuing to hide? Are we going to have hideouts in the US for kids pursued by the immigration police?

The criminal courts is where much of the fight is going to take place. I am confident that our judicial system will defend the Constitution and protect our civil liberties.

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