Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Update on Mississippi Police Gun Case

Last week we published a post about inmates in a Mississippi work camp who stole guns from the local police station. Seven of those guns turned up in Chicago. On Monday, the final defendant in that case plead guilty in federal court. The defendant, Andre Redmond, plead guilty to four federal charges involving a conspiracy to steal 11 police guns from the Greenwood, Mississippi Police Department in 2005 and 2006. He plead guilty the morning that his trial was scheduled to start. At least seven other defendants plead guilty to the conspiracy and several of them were expected to testify against Redmond.

According to prosecutors, inmates working at the police station saw guns in a locked closet. Two of the inmates figured out a way to remove a ceiling fan in the room next to the closet and sneak into the closet. 11 guns were removed from the closet and placed in a garbage can and hidden in another closet in City Hall. Redmond was then called and told to pick them up while he was working with another prison work group. At least 7 of those guns ended up in Chicago.

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