Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chicago Hopes Cop Surge Will Stop Crime Surge

We've all heard about the troop surge in Iraq, how about the Chicago cop surge? It has become a tradition in Chicago that when summer starts, the crime rate spikes. The warmer weather brings more people out to the streets and with kids out of school for summer break, its understandable that the crime rate will increase. This year, the Chicago Police have announced that they plan on flooding the streets with police officers to try to keep this crime surge from happening. However, this plan will be difficult to implement due to budget restraints. The budget cuts caused only 200 officers to be hired this year. This leaves the Chicago Police force with 500 officers short of authorized strength. To make up for this shortfall of officers, the police superintendent has taken 500 officers assigned to desk duty out of the office and ordered that they spend at least one week out on the streets. 148 other desk officers will be permanently reassigned to street duty. The Mobile Strike Force will have it's membership expand and will be assigned to conduct surveillance in potentially violent areas. The new members of this unit will be taken from other units.

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