Friday, June 5, 2009

NRA Appeals Chicago Gun Ban Decision to Supreme Court

On July 2, 2009, we published a blog about the Court of Appeals upholding the City of Chicago and Village of Oak Park ban on handguns. The lawsuit challenging the gun ban by these cities was filed by the National Rifle Association one day after the Supreme Court's ruling in District of Columbia v. Heller, in which the District of Columbia's handgun ban was struck down. Chicago and Oak Park's handgun ban is substantially similar to the District of Columbia's ban. In declining to apply the ruling in Heller to the Chicago and Oak Park ban, the Court of Appeals found that the Supreme Court's decision in Heller did not apply to states and municipalities. The NRA has already filed an appeal of this decision with the United States Supreme Court setting up what promises to be another big fight over the Second Amendment. Any decision will not be released before September of this year.

The case is National Rifle Association v. Chicago, 08,1497.

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