Monday, April 20, 2009

Update on Illinois Medical Marijuana Legislation

On November 8, 2008, we posted our first blog about the efforts to legalize medical marijuana in Illinois. On February 6, 2009 we posted an updated blog discussing how the effort to enact this measure took a step back when it was defeated in a committee vote in the legislature. We are pleased to report that the effort to enact medical marijuana in Illinois is alive and kicking. On March 25, 2009, the Senate Public Health Committee passed the bill on a 6 to 2 vote. On March 4, 2009, the House Human Services Committee passed a companion bill. These votes mean that the legislation is poised for a vote before the Senate and the House. However, it appears as if there are not yet enough committed votes to send the measure to the Governor for approval.

We urge our readers to join in the effort to make Illinois the 14th state to legalize medical marijuana. One more strong and final push is urgently needed. Contact your legislators and urge them to do the right thing and side with the consumers and give needy patients a real alternative to costly prescription drugs to help alleviate their pain and suffering. If we make our voices heard we can help make changes to our drug laws that will actually do some good and help people who are in urgent need of some help.

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James G. Dimeas said...

It's looking like the measure will come to a vote this week. The Marijuana Policy Project launched a television ad campaign today throughout the state. Stay tuned.

James G. Dimeas said...

Update: The vote has been pushed to next week. State Senator Bill Haine, the sponsor of the bill, is in negotiations to deal with objections. This move is a sign that the bill actually is moving towards passage. Looks like the bill will only be for 3 years, at which time it has to be re-approved by the legislature. We'll keep an eye on developments.

James G. Dimeas said...

It's been about 3 weeks now and I have yet to hear anything about this measure. I have been looking on the internet every day and I can't figure out what's going on. Any help from our readers would be appreciated.

James G. Dimeas said...

Yesterday the Illinois Senate approved the measure 30 to 28. It now moves to the Illinois House. See our post of today updating this breakthrough victory.

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