Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Illinois Traffic Deaths and Accidents Drop in 2008

The Illinois Department of Transportation reports that 1,043 people died on Illinois roads last year, the lowest number since 1923. This represents a 16% decrease in traffic deaths from the year before. Nationally, the number of traffic deaths in 2008 were down 10.6% from the year before.

Our elected public officials, who are always eager to take credit for things like this, point to changes in traffic laws as the reason. They argue that the increased use of traffic safety checkpoints, mandatory seat belt laws, stricter DUI laws, requiring teens to wait nine months instead of three months to get their license, traffic cameras and stricter enforcement of existing laws are responsible for these lower numbers. However, a counter argument can be made that a slowing economy and high gas prices also played a role in the lower numbers. Officially, the number of vehicles on the road dropped by 2.4% nationally, and 2% in Illinois. Some people think this number is actually higher. Interestingly, these same public officials are unwilling to take responsibility for the slowing economy and the high gas prices.

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