Friday, January 9, 2009

Update on Waukegan Clerk

On October 14, 2008 we posted a blog about a Waukegan store clerk shooting a robber that had fled his store. For the full post click here.

This week a Lake County grand jury decided that no charges should be filed against the store clerk. It is very rare for a grand jury to refuse to indict an individual. This shooting has been a source of conflict in Lake County. The victim was shot by the store clerk as he was fleeing the store on his bicycle. A second offender fled the store and has never been found. The victim was on parole from prison for less than a month for a Residential Burglary.

This was the second killing at this same store. In 2002 a store clerk hit an alleged shoplifter over the head with a mallet. That store clerk was eventually charged with Second-Degree Murder but was found not guilty by a jury.

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