Friday, January 16, 2009

Chicago Attorney Arrested For Smuggling Drugs to Inmates

A Chicago criminal defense attorney has been arrested by Cook County Sheriff's investigators for smuggling drugs into the cells behind the courtrooms at 26th and California. The case started when an inmate was found to have a mixture of marijuana and cigarettes on him. The inmate was questioned and implicated his girlfriend. His girlfriend was questioned and she implicated the attorney. The way it worked was that the inmates girlfriend would pass through courthouse security with the illegal drugs hidden in her underwear. The girlfriend would then hand the items over to the attorney outside of the courtroom. The attorney would then go to the lock up, behind the courtrooms, and hand them to the defendants. On Wednesday, Sheriff's investigators set up a sting operation involving undercover officers. One undercover investigator handed 20 grams of marijuana to the attorney along with $25o, and the other undercover investigator accepted the marijuana while posing as an inmate. After the attorney was arrested, he admitted to smuggling marijuana to inmates on at least five occasions since October. Each time he was paid $250. If the attorney is telling the truth, all he made off of this scheme was $1,500.

The attorney was charged with two counts of possession of marijuana, delivery of marijuana and bringing contraband into a penal institution. Bond was set at $75,000.

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