Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Seventh Circuit Upholds Chicago Red Light Cameras

Today, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals found for the City of Chicago in a lawsuit claiming that Chicago's use of red light cameras was unconstitutional. Over 200 red light cameras have been installed in the City of Chicago since 2003. These cameras take pictures of vehicles when they run a red light and a traffic violation is mailed to the owner along with a fine for $90. Motorists sued the city claiming that the process punished owners rather than drivers, it violated Due Process and Equal Protection and that the cameras were a revenue raising measure rather than a legitimate law enforcement purpose. The Court disagreed with all of these claims and found that there is no fundamental right to running a red light and that the cameras served a legitimate governmental purpose of protecting the public.

The City has already announced plans to expand the use of cameras. The State of Illinois has already announced plans to use cameras to catch speeders on highways throughout the State of Illinois and cameras are being used in well over 20 states throughout the United States.

Similar lawsuits are pending in other jurisdictions but this decision does not bode well for foes of these cameras.

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