Friday, February 17, 2012

Court of Appeals Delivers Rare Harsh Criticism of Bureau of Prisons

In a rare move, the 7th Circuit Court of appeals delivered harsh criticism to the United States Bureau of Prisons for their decision to house an inmate in the same prison where his father had died many years earlier.  The case involves former Chicago Police officer John Ambrose.  Ambrose was convicted of leaking sensitive details about a cooperating witness to the mob.  The cooperating witness was Nick Calabrese.  Calabrese, a "made" member of the mob, was cooperating with federal officials giving them details about several unsolved murders.  Calabrese came to Chicago in 2003 and 2004.  Ambrose was assigned to provide security for Calabrese.  Ambrose was convicted of providing details about Calabrese's cooperation with federal law enforcement officials to the mob.  He was sentenced to four years in federal prison.  In 2006, the FBI came up with a ruse to get Ambrose to go to the FBI headquarters so they could take his gun away from him out of fear that he would commit suicide when he was confronted by the FBI with what he had done.  The Bureau of Prisons sent Ambrose to the same Texas prison that his father had died in many years earlier.  Ambrose's father was also a former Chicago Police Officer.  The Court of Appeals criticized the decision of the Bureau of Prisons for putting Ambrose in the same prison where he would be forced to overlook the same track that his father had died on and pointed out that the federal government should not be in the business of torturing people.  The Court of Appeals urged the Bureau of Prisons to reconsider their decision to put Ambrose in that prison.

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