Saturday, February 4, 2012

Chicago Murder Rate Lowest in 40 Years

Chicago police recently announced that Chicago's murder rate has plunged to the lowest in 40 years.  In spite of this good news, the police have announced an initiative that specifically targets 2 districts in Chicago that account for roughly 25% of the murders in Chicago.  In the 7th and 11th Districts, Harrison and Englewood, roughly 25% of the shootings and murders occurred in those 2 districts.  During the first 2 weeks of 2012, roughly 33% of the shootings and murders occurred in those 2 districts.  These 2 districts are clearly the most dangerous districts in Chicago when examining violent crime rates.  The police have announced an initiative that will specifically target those 2 districts.  More than 100 police officers will be redeployed to Englewood and Harrison in May with an eye towards concentrating on illegal drug activity, vice activity, increased traffic stops and increased foot patrols.  This strategy is in line with recent efforts by the Chicago Police to target specific neighborhoods in an effort to combat crime.  It should be noted that this policy is at odds with statements recently made by Cook County Board President Toni Perwinkle who has stated that police should lay off low level non-violent offenders who put a strain on cash-strapped Cook County.

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