Monday, January 30, 2012

Kane County Ratchets Up Courthouse Security

Security at the Kane County Courthouse, in St. Charles Illinois, is being increased on attorneys and those with security passes.  The Kane County Sheriff, and the new Chief Judge, Robert Spence, have increased security for an indefinite period of time. The increase in security is not due to any specific threat.  For some unknown reason, Kane County officials have decided to increase security.  Normally, ever person with a security passes is allowed to walk into the courthouse in a separate line without having to walk through a metal detector or have their belongings searched. The Kane County Sheriff indicated that he was noticing that more and more individuals from other counties were going to the courthouse and indicated that he did not know who they were.  He also stated that the Kane County States' Attorney was recently required to go through the metal detector, as was one of his lieutenants.  Neither of them complained, according to the Sheriff.

People going to the Kane County Courthouse should be prepared the possibility of longer lines and delays at the courthouse entrance.

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