Monday, January 30, 2012

Disturbing Decision Regarding Contents of Encrypted Hard Drive

We want to call your attention to a very disturbing ruling coming out a Federal District Court in Colorado.  Ramona Fricosu, is charged in connection with a mortgage scam.  Authorities want her to disclose the password to her computer hard drive which was encrypted using PGP Desktop, which is software from Symantec which is used to encrypt data on the hard drive so people can protect sensitive information on their computer.  Fricosu argued that the Fifth Amendment protected her from disclosing the password and incriminating herself.  The federal judge presiding over her case disagreed with Fricosu and ruled that she can be compelled to disclose her password so authorities can inspect her hard drive to determine whether it contains incriminating information.  In addition, authorities had secretly recorded Fricosu acknowledging that she owned the computer and that it contained incriminating information.  Frocosu's attorney has indicated that he will appeal this ruling.

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