Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oregon Governor Halts Executions in State

The Governor of Oregon, John Kitzhaber, announced yesterday that so long as he is Governor of Oregon, he will not allow any executions to happen.  Kitzhaberwent on to say that he has determined that the death penalty is morally wrong and that he refuses to be part of a system that puts people to death.  The next execution in Oregon was scheduled for December 6.  Kitzhaber's announcement effectively ends the impending execution.  In the last 49 years, Oregon has carried out 2 executions, both during Kitzhaber's first term as Governor.  He left office in 2003 and was re-elected to another term in 2010.  He was sworn into office in January of this year.  He stated that the 2 executions that were carried out during his first term in office were "the most agonizing and difficult decisions he has made as governor" and has determined that he can no longer be part of something that he now considers to be morally wrong.  This move follows a growing trend where we are seeing more and more states moving away from the death penalty.  Sixteen states, and the District of Columbia, have abolished the death penalty.  Earlier this year, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill into law ending the death penalty in Illinois.

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