Thursday, November 17, 2011

Local Attorney Jailed For 2 Days For Missing Jury Trial

In a case out of the Rolling Meadows courthouse, a local attorney was jailed for 2 days by the judge because he failed to come back for a jury trial that his client had requested.  The attorney's client had been charged with a traffic violation.  The attorney requested a jury trial.  The court sent the case to the jury room in Rolling Meadows and the attorneys for the town and the defendant chose 12 jurors in the morning.  They were supposed to return in the afternoon for the actual jury trial.  The attorney for the defendant failed to come back to court and the judge held him in contempt of court and ordered that he be jailed for 2 days in Cook County Jail.  The attorney for the defendant told reporters that he had a real estate closing scheduled for that afternoon and had requested a continuance of the trial in the afternoon.  The attorney believes that the court was upset at him for demanding a jury trial for a traffic ticket, something that is very rarely done, and took out its frustration on him by holding him in contempt of court and putting him in jail.  In addition to the jail sentence the attorney was fined $500.  He indicated that he intends to appeal the ruling of the court.

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