Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cook County Allows Suburbs To Opt Out Of Red Light Cameras

The soap opera surrounding the installation of red light cameras has taken another interesting twist.  Cook County decided to install red light cameras at 20 intersections that are controlled by Cook County.  30 candidate intersections were chosen.  Some of the intersections are in towns that are outright opposed to the use of red light cameras.  Two such towns are Schaumburg and Arlington HeightsArlington Heights has previously decided not to use red light cameras.  Schaumburg installed a red light camera at one intersection but later removed it and decided not to install any more red light cameras.  The plan by Cook County would mean that cameras would be installed in towns that do not want them and the revenue generated by the cameras would not be shared with the towns.  This caused a huge uproar when these towns discovered that there was not much they could do to stop these cameras from being installed in their towns.  The roads chosen are owned and controlled by Cook County.

Today comes news that the Cook County Board has voted to allow individual towns to opt out of having cameras installed in their towns.  The measure passed on a 9 to 4 vote.  The vote allows each individual town to decide whether they want cameras installed in their town.  Indications are that Arlington Heights will be among the towns that will opt out of the red light camera program proposed by Cook County.

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