Friday, June 4, 2010

Chicago Police To Increase Police Presence On The Street

On Wednesday, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley announced that 130 more Chicago police officers will be put on the street to patrol trains and streets.  86 of the additional police officers will come straight from the police academy while the rest will be reassigned from other parts of the department.  The additional police officers will be paid by federal stimulus funds which will run out in 3 years.  Mayor Daley hopes that by the time the federal stimulus funds run out, the economy will rebound and the city will be able to pay for the officers out of their own funds.  50 of the new recruits will be assigned to patrol the streets while 36 of the new recruits will be assigned to patrol trains.  

The Chicago police department has been struggling with budget problems.  Last year the retirement age was lowered from 60 to 55 in an attempt to attract younger personnel who make less money than older officers.  168 officers were moved to the streets from administrative duties.  As of April of this year, the Chicago police department is down 780 officers from what it needs to properly function.

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