Sunday, December 20, 2009

Red Light Cameras Not Working

A review of the yearly accident data at intersections in which red light cameras have been placed in suburban Chicago show that at most intersections, accidents actually rose.  The results of the review of the accident data shows that there is no safety benefit to placing red light cameras at intersections.  As a matter of fact, the data seems to suggest that the cameras are actually making the intersections more dangerous.  The first 14 intersections that got red light cameras in 2006 show that half of the intersections showed an increase in accidents.  2 of the intersections showed no change in accidents while only 5 showed a decrease in accidents.  Many of the intersections that showed an increase in accidents showed a significant increase in the number of accidents.  It seems like drivers are slamming on their brakes when they come up to an intersection equipped with cameras.  And while the number of accidents seem to be going up when cameras are installed, cities are also seeing a big increase in revenue from tickets issued at the same intersections.

The Chicago Tribune has posted a very helpful page that contains accident data for every intersection in the Chicago metropolitan area that has a red light camera.  To see this helpful page, click here.

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